Community Manager

Work description and expectations:
Join our Event executive and Head of coaches in creating a vivid, positive and  educational
community and culture for everyone at Insj. Prepare internal events and social activities to
develop our growing community of Insjers, coachers and associates working with Insj.
You are:
●An outgoing personality that loves to work with students
●interested in innovation and entrepreneurship
●A person that wants to grow in a business minded student organisation
●A student i Oslo
What are the most important things this person has to do in order to be considered
successful in 6-12 months:
●Have hosted 4 internal events that helped develop the skills and knowledge of
coaches and associates in Insj. (6 months)
●Have developed the internal communication channels that ensure that information
circulate effective in the organization (6 months)
●Contributed through activities in the office to the internal culture and community (12
Perks and benefits:
●As a community manager you will have the opportunity to gain experience and
develop your skills in marketing, event planning, social media platforms and
knowledge diffusion.
●We will provide guidance, networking and growth opportunity in a business minded
student organisation while being in a student environment.
●Access to office space at Oslo science park
●Flexible working hours – we take into consideration your study periods