Whether it’s in the classroom or the office, with friends or family, I’m certain you’ve heard of this word before! But what does it mean and how do we shape and promote good culture? Listen in on the conversation with Even Dahl, COO & Co-Founder of Insj, CEO & Co-Founder of Enable Magic and a highly trained leader in the military. EnableMagic AS is a digital platform for organizing and managing innovation ecosystems.

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EnableMagicEnableMagicConnecting Startups | EnableMagicEnableMagic enables incubators and accelerators to organize and connect their startup communities. (450 kB)https://www.enablemagic.com/Insj UiOInsj UiOForside – Insj UiOFor studenter som er nysgjerrig på entreprenørskap! Våre tjenester 300 Insj har hjulpet over 300 student-startups med å utvikle ideen sin 10. mill Insj har hjulpet studenter å søke over 10 mil til sine bedrifter 30+ mentorer og interne veiledere som står klare til å hjelpe DEG. 300Insj har hjulpet over 300 student-startups med å […]