Economy Associate

Work description and expectations:

Be part of Insjs economy department and create project budget as well as maintaining and reviewing our accounts. As a economy associate at Insj you will create budgets and review and follow up our economic needs.


You are:

  • Interested in business accounting and budgeting
  • Interested in learning  about innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Interested in being in a business focused student environment
  • A student in Oslo


What are the most important things this person has to do in order to be considered successful 6-12 months. (Q1-Q4 2019)


  • Have control over and create budget for the different department in cooperation with COO (6 months)
  • Follow up each event and account their expenses and ensure that they stay inside the funds they have gotten approved of from the board (6 months)
  • Successfully learned how to do salary and A-melding ( 3 months)
  • Have control over our accounting with the help of the COO (2 months)


Perks and benefits


  • A economy associate at Insj will have the opportunity to gain experience and develop their skills in budgeting, planning and accounting with over 1 million kroners in funds.
  • You will have a opportunity to network and grow in a business minded student organisation, while being in student environment
  • We will course you in Visma eaccounting software and help you develop your skills in accounting
  • Access to office space at oslo science park
  • Flexible working hours – we take into consideration your study periods