Student Akselerator

Application period: 1/7-6/10

Interview rounds: 30/9-8/10

Program start: 10/10-28/11

Kick start your idea into a business

Do you have an idea worth developing?

For a period of 8 weeks, Insj provides you with the tools, resources and support to enable you to start your business. The program is focused on four main themes: Direction & Goals (week 1-2), Getting Customer ready (week 3-5), Your pitching skills (week 6-7) and finally reflect & feedback (week 8).

You’ll be working towards a final evening event where you’ll be pitching your idea in front of an audience. No worries, nobody expects you to have everything figured out after a period of 8 weeks. This evening is there for you to receive feedback and perhaps even gain your first customer.The accelerator will be held at Oslo Science Park.

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9 weeks


All students in Oslo


Direction & goals

customer ready



max 35 participants





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    Coffee Mondays'

    Meet your fellow Insjers at the beginning of the week over a cup of coffee to talk about your learnings & pain points, present your achievements and determine your goals for the upcoming week

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    Podcast Tuesdays'

    Every Tuesday we’ll release a podcast fitted to that weeks’ theme. The podcast will prepare you for the Thursday’ sessions.

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    Workshop Thursdays'

    On Thursday evenings we will invite inspiring guest speakers that provide interactive sessions on a selection of relevant topics.

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    Sprint Saturdays'

    On 1 Sunday and 2 Saturdays we will host sprints on different themes. These days are for you to focus on hands-on creation of your logo, name, website and perhaps building your product.

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    Demo Day

    The final evening where you will be pitching your idea in front of an audience to ask for the resources you need and receive valuable feedback on your idea

What to expect

At the moment we hold two batches a year, where we have space for 40 startups annually. The entire accelerator program is tailored for students, and is completely free and zero-equity. The Insj Student Accelerator is made whilst keeping you as a student as the main focus, meaning that we made a program which is easy for you to attend next to your classes. However, it does mean that for a period of 9-weeks you might have to work on your idea in the evenings… and some Saturdays.

During the program you’ll see that pitching is an important aspect of the start-up world. Why you ask? Because if you can’t communicate your idea in an effective manner, you might miss out on valuable customers and investors. To get you pitch-ready we will have multiple workshops, and the final evening will feel like the perfect cherry on top of your weeks of hard work. It’s time to shine!


Office space



Å Dele er Viktig!

Vi forstår at å snakke om ideen din kan være skummelt; hva om den ikke er god nok? Hva om noen stjeler den? Insj tilbyr en plass hvor du kan snakke åpent om din idé og hvor alle skal signerer under en konfidensiell avtale slik at dette kan unngås. Så ikke bekymre deg om stjeling! Uansett er ikke det viktigste ideen, men hvordan man utfører den!

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