Insjers are students working on their ideas here in Insj

Here are some of the people we'd like to show off!

Tap the icons and check their own homepages about what they're doing. 
These are some of the people who have come a long way with their ideas, and we hope this can inspire you to maybe insje on your own ideas, or join others'.


Ninito is a technology company focused on streamlining the ordering process for the service industry. They do this by providing a synchronised multi-channel ecosystem for ordering, which will provide more sales, as well as free up time. 

Indo Naturals

Indo Naturals wants to contribute to sustainable development. They do this by selling plant-based products that replace everyday plastic items. By ethically acquiring products from India's rural areas, they also help strengthen local labour.


Wecycle is a new nonprofit organization in Oslo. Their mission is to make plastic waste an urban resource for innovation and design. They want to offer products and services that promote circular use and eventually transform the overall image of used plastic.

Stily -

Stily develops artificial intelligence for online stores to give customers a more personalized experience. Customers receive tailored suggestions based on personal preferences and character. As a result, online stores get more loyal customers and less returns.

Tryio -

Tryio is a company that optimizes consumer testing in the food industry. Tryio is currently developing a platform that connects innovative food companies with the right target audience to perform consumer tests.

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Disputas is an online platform that makes available analytical methods, theory and innovative text processing tools. The platform will offer everything a user needs to understand and evaluate the validity of argumentative text.