We are always looking for positive and energetic students who want to make the world a little better with us.

Insj has since its inception in 2018 grown from being 4 people to over 40. We hope this growth will continue and we are always looking for good people. IN Insj you get the opportunity to gain relevant practical experience and build networks. We want to be a springboard for further careers and to get a kick-start in working life.

collage of social events at Insj
collage of social events at Insj

This offers Insj


Unique work experience

We give you relevant work experience while you study

Build CV

An internship i Insj stands out in the pursuit of the dream job

Test the theory in practice

We give you the opportunity to test the theories from the syllabus book in practice

students looking at bulletin board for job requirements
student with a light bulb



We have our own offices at Forskningsparken, with office space for our employees.

Workshop & course

As employed in Insj you get access to exciting workshops and courses

A step into working life

We collaborate with several major players that give you the opportunity to build relationships while you study



All in Insj are students who contribute to a great social environment


All our leaders have started on the floor themselves and know what it takes


With over 40 employees in Insj you can make new friends, make contacts and exchange new knowledge.

students in Insj who are social together






Collections a year


We currently have no vacancies, but you are welcome to register your interest.

Business Developer

As a business developer, one of the most important tasks is to ensure that we always improve the way we work. At the same time as we help entrepreneurs with ideas, we also develop our own working methodology. 

As a business developer, it is important that you are solution-oriented and constantly challenge established structures. The only way we get better, and help more, is by pushing on and not saying that something is 'good enough now'. Our business developers work both to help start-up companies further, but also to improve the services internally.

Legal associate

Most early-stage entrepreneurs do not have the opportunity to get the help of a lawyer to solve legal challenges. 

Insj has therefore launched a solution where law students can provide low-threshold guidance to entrepreneurs. The goal is to provide practical experience to the students at the same time as we provide knowledge to the entrepreneur. The desired outcome is that the entrepreneur becomes a better orderer of legal services, but also avoids unnecessary mistakes. Now we need more law students to help the entrepreneurs we have with their challenges.

HR - associate

As HR - associate is the focus to further develop Insj as an organization. The employees in Insj is our most important resource and as the organization grows, so does the need for training, career development, management, employer branding, etc.

As HR - associate one gets responsibility for building good processes internally so that Insj is a good place to work. Insj should be a springboard for further careers. We need more people who can help us build this springboard.    

Web designer

Insj has several websites under development and therefore needs more people who will help design and implement these.

One of the latest initiatives we have is the website, where we will share relevant stories and content. The web designer / developer will be a key person between all departments and to publish content to our digital platforms. 

Content Producer

The last year has Insj start creating more content. Everything from podcasts, articles, videos and live streaming of events. 

Insj has also launched the website where stories and content will be launched. We therefore need more people who can participate  prepares, edits and publishes content for Insj . Good content will be essential for more people to understand how innovation and entrepreneurship are relevant to them.

Graphic Designer

Graphic designer in Insj will work with different disciplines such as visual communication, idea development, illustration, marketing, photography, web design and animation. 

Graphic designer will be responsible for that Insj its graphic profile is consistent in all areas and that it corresponds to our values and positioning. The designer will be included in every step of the process right up to the release.

Recruitment associate

Insj has since its inception in 2018 grown from 4 people to over 30. This is thanks to dedicated work by the recruitment team and HR department. In order for us to continue to be able to grow at the same pace, we need more skilled recruiters who can help us find employees for our services.

We have great ambitions and need good people to achieve these goals.


Digital Content Producer

The purpose of this position is to create digital content for different platforms and assist on various projects with technical expertise. 

Projects and platforms include Insj 'website, blog, video production, live streaming technical assistance and content for marketing campaigns. Pthe manufacturer will be included in all steps until release.



Community associate

Insj works with entrepreneurs, innovation-interested students, mentors, partners, academics, etc. 

To ensure good communication between all partners we work with, we are now building a larger Community team. Here you go help to create belonging to Insj , but also create engagement and dialogue. Interesting things happen when people talk to each other.