About Us

Insj is a student organization for students who are curious about entrepreneurship!

collage of social events at Insj
collage of social events at Insj

Our history

Insj was started in 2018 and by five UiO students who would make it easier for students to dare to pursue their ideas. Today we are over 40 employees and we continue to grow. The employees in Insj comes from a number of different countries, educational institutions and fields of study, but gathers around a common goal: To help student entrepreneurs develop their ideas and put them out into the world!

Value proposition

Together we explore ideas

Ideas arise when one is curious, passionate and has a dream of making a difference in the world. Together we can explore and develop all aspects of your idea and help you on the path to the startup dream.

student with a light bulb
a mentor who holds workshops to help student founders

Together we define opportunities

Entering the startup world can be scary, regardless of field of study. Our goal is to offer a helping hand, put you in touch with the right people and to lower the threshold for you who want to start something of your own while you study.

Together we create results

We are always looking for positive and energetic students who want to make the world a little better with us - whether you want to become a student entrepreneur, work in a startup or work in Insj to reach our vision!

student presenting a progress plan to achieve the entrepreneurial dream

Core values

Curious friends

When we meet new people we greet them with open arms and curiosity. We listen, ask questions, and we dare hug them when we say goodbye!

Optimistic mindset

Working with different people and various ideas requires an open mindset and true belief in the impossible. It's not over till it's over


We go get the right people, find the most beneficial way and walk that extra mile for each other, our customers and to achieve our goals. We get things done!

Our purpose

It's up to us
Our purpose is to make entrepreneurship accessible to everyone in academia by lowering the threshold for innovation and entrepreneurship. Together we explore ideas, define opportunities and create results.

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