Our startups!

Every year we help a majority of student startups. We are not just concerned with tech or niche companies, or believe that all ideas must be 100% green. IN insj we believe that diversity and knowledge sharing across disciplines is the key to success.


Ninito is a technology company focused on streamlining the ordering process for the service industry. They do this by providing a synchronised multi-channel ecosystem for ordering, which will provide more sales, as well as free up time. 

Indo Naturals

Indo Naturals wants to contribute to sustainable development. They do this by selling plant-based products that replace everyday plastic items. By ethically acquiring products from India's rural areas, they also help strengthen local labour.


Wecycle is a new nonprofit organization in Oslo. Their mission is to make plastic waste an urban resource for innovation and design. They want to offer products and services that promote circular use and eventually transform the overall image of used plastic.


Stily develops artificial intelligence for online stores to give customers a more personalized experience. Customers receive tailored suggestions based on personal preferences and character. As a result, online stores get more loyal customers and less returns.


Tryio is a company that optimizes consumer testing in the food industry. Tryio is currently developing a platform that connects innovative food companies with the right target audience to perform consumer tests.


Disputas is an online platform that makes available analytical methods, theory and innovative text processing tools. The platform will offer everything a user needs to understand and evaluate the validity of argumentative text.


Ence is a Norwegian marketplace for knowledge about and access to the most sustainable products. They gather the most socially and environmentally sustainable brands in one place, with the aim of making the path to ethical choices shorter for Norwegian consumers. Their goal is to make sustainability the standard.


EnableMagic is a platform designed to manage the innovation ecosystem. The platform will create an overview, gather insight and manage resources in the ecosystem so that innovators and managers can spend time solving problems. This results in increased efficiency of incubators and other ecosystems.


Creating mental health courses combining physical activity and psychology. We want to create an alternative solution to wide spread sub-clinical mental health challenges. Our approach consists of using climbing in combination with contemporary theories and techniques in both cognitive and positive psychology.

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We seek to create a digital solution that helps users to identify and analyze legal risk in contracts and agreements. 


Yatek is a hardware technology startup currently developing a multidirectional treadmill for virtual reality (VR), primarily for use for rehabilitation and health / exercise purposes. A major challenge in virtual reality is the following: How do you walk around in a limitless virtual reality environment, while in real life staying within the four walls of a room? ecosystems.


Our goal is to be an impactful Startup Ecosystem led by Student members of the community in collaboration with leading technology companies and innovative Startups worldwide. Bringing cost effective and reliable technology to the small businesses. We are inspired by the belief that students can shape and mold a society to achieve the true potential and create their own future through entrepreneurship. We are here to help the small businesses and the students…

Insj his dream!

The goal of Insj

in insj We want all students to realize that entrepreneurship is not dangerous or scary. As a student you are not caught up in an 8-16 job, you are not financially dependent on succeeding with your idea in a second and in a student network it is easy to find passionate souls who are passionate about the same as you.

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