Our startups!

Every year we help a majority of student startups. We are not just concerned with tech or niche companies, or believe that all ideas must be 100% green. IN insj we believe that diversity and knowledge sharing across disciplines is the key to success.

The goal of Insj

in insj We want all students to realize that entrepreneurship is not dangerous or scary. As a student you are not caught up in an 8-16 job, you are not financially dependent on succeeding with your idea in a second and in a student network it is easy to find passionate souls who are passionate about the same as you.

student with a light bulb
Student entrepreneur who chooses the way forward for his startup company

Do you want to create something yourself?

Do you have your own idea for a company and want guidance for the next step?

Learn about entrepreneurship

Do you want to learn more about what entrepreneurship is? join one of our workshops!

student entrepreneur who looks at the possibility of accelerating his idea from thought to company