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We are always looking for new, skilled and curious associates. As an intern in Insj you have the opportunity to use the skills you have gained through your studies or acquire new skills that can prepare you for the working life.

We do not require any practical experience – just commitment!

About Us

Insj is a student organization for students who are curious about entrepreneurship!
The team consists of students from all over the world with backgrounds from different areas of study. 

Do you think Insj seems like an exciting organization and would you like to join the team? We are always looking for positive and actionable students who want to make the world a little better with us.
Most of our duties do not require any practical experience – just a big commitment!

Team picture of Insj members
Three people in a couch smiling

A social meeting place

Insj is a meeting place for students from different faculties who gather around a common goal! 

Here you can make new friends, make contacts and exchange new knowledge.


Most employers are not only concerned with what you have studied, but what you have done next to your studies. By being a part of the Insj you can build up experience that will make you an attractive job seeker! You can also attend regular workshops and perhaps meet your future employer.

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Photo of our corner in the office, couches


We sit at Forskningsparken, where we have a large and airy office landscape for all our internals. In the office we meet to work with Insj , study, turn off a chat or have a party! 


If you wish to submit an open application, you can do so by 
send an email to