Insj Odeum

Do you want to join a new project in Insj – no experience required!


Insj UiO is recruiting for a new project group. No experience required, only the drive and interest in the position you will have, as well as fitting our organizational culture.


We will teach you what you need to know!


We are interested in people that want to work with entrepreneurship, innovation and organizational/business building in a student environment with professional culture.


You will have the opportunity to join a startup team where you can get practical experience.

Skills and engagements:

  • Project management,
  • Marketing
  • Budget, economy, and finance
  • Organizational theory
  • Leadership,
  • Event planning
  • Networking and team building skills


We are looking for a student in their first to the fourth year of their degree and are interested in being part of creating a new organization.


Qualities and attributes of general needs

  • Proactive and able to work independent
  • Learning drive and interest in creating an organization
  • Have more than 2 years left at University
  • Have a growth mindset and hope of a better world attitude (wants to build a better world)